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We understand that the goal of owning rental property is to have a long term investment, bringing in revenue, with as little headache as possible.  Hiring a property manager to take care of your home alleviates the stress of dealing with maintenance, tenant payments, and possible evictions.  Knight Property Group will handle the rental process from A to Z.

PROPERTY EVALUATION - We will assess the condition of your property and perform a market analysis to learn the rental value your home holds in today's market.  We will also make recommendations and supply vendors that may be able to increase that value.


MARKETING - We aggressively and creatively market your vacant property to find an excellent tenant  


SCREENING OF POTENTIAL TENANTS - All potential renters fill out an extensive application that assists us with screenings  that include income verification, credit reports, and rental/eviction history.  


EXECUTION OF ALL LEASE PAPERWORK - We complete the standard North Carolina Long Term Rental Contract with all of our tenants.  This form, as well as some of our addenda,  are provided to us by the NC Association of Realtors.  


ACCOUNTING - Our team handles all accounting for your home, including rent collections, and work order invoicing.  Monthly and yearly statements are sent to our owners to show funds that came in and went out during specific periods. 

HANDLING MAINTENANCE REQUESTS - Our team is available 24/7 to answer maintenance calls that may come in from your properties.  We have a vetted group of vendors that we use to assist with all repairs.  A plan is set in place when our relationship begins on how you would like maintenance requests handled.

INSPECTION OF HOMES - Our team will perform exterior and/or interior inspections on a home upon your request.  Full reports are entered into our software system, as well as sent to you for review.


MOVE OUT PROCEDURES - When a tenant moves out, we perform a full inspection, including photos, and discuss our findings with you.  We work with you on finalizing all tenant accounting and assist with getting the home ready for your next tenant.  


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